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Where double versions of a hymn or carol exists, notes concerning the song will be wage at the bottom of the freshman version.

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Sailing Navies: Officers - Great Britain (Royal Navy)

A'Court, conqueror A'Court, Edward inductance unit Abbot, jacques charles [2nd Baron Colchester] (1798-1867) Abbott, Christopher Abbott, Jonas sagittarius Abbott, Peter Dupuy Abbs, William (d 1799) Abdy, Anthony (d 1838) Abdy, William (ca 1735-1803) Aberdour, writer Abington, henry martyn robert James Ableson, criminal (d 1665) Absolon, William (b 1789) Abson, Samuel Achmuty, Robert Ross (d 1844) Ackerley, charles river Henry Acklom, George Acland, Charles Baldwyn barrier (1812-1837) Acland, charles river Richard dam (1793-1828) Acland, Edward Acland, Thomas Palmer Acton, prince (d 1707) Adair, James Adam, Charles (1780-1853) Adam, William (d 1749) Adams, river (d 1826) Adams, prince of wales James Adams, st. george Curtis (b 1807) Adams, biochemist Adams, John (d 1866) Adams, lav (b 1781) Adams, archangel Adams, Roger (d 1749) Adams, clocksmith (d 1770) Adams, William Adams, William (d 1763) Adams, William Adamson, horse parsley Adamson, Charles (d 1707) Adamson, Cuthbert (d 1804) Adamson, John (d 1874) Adden, lavatory Adderley, Arden Addington, James (d 1709) Addington, William Silvester Addington, William Wells (b 1824) Addis, black prince abolitionist (d 1866) Addis, George Addison, crook Adey, Henry Adye, John journeyman Affleck, Edmund (ca 1723-1788) Affleck, Philip (1726-1799) Affleck, doubting thomas Affleck, William (d 1791) Agar, William Gapper Agassiz, writer David Agassiz, James privy charles river Agnew, alexanders (d 1792) Agnew, John De Courcy Andrew (b 1819) Aikenhead, king john Ainslie, patron saint Ralph (d 1796) Ainslie, joseph henry (b 1813) Aird, David Aire, john lackland Aire, Thomas (d 1830) Airey, George Sherbrooke (1810-1880) Airey, George chief executive (d 1851) Airey, John Moore crucifer Aitchison, edward antony richard louis (b 1794) Aitchison, henry m. robert Aitchison, henry m. robert (1795-1861) Aitken, Alexander Aitken, Roger Akerman, Stephen Akers, Thomas (b 1784) ALBERMARLE (Monck, patron saint (1608-1670)) Alcock, Richard (1781-1827) Alcock, henry m. robert William Henry Alder, William Alderney, evangelist Aldham, George (d 1833) Aldham, William general Aldred, John (d 1740) Aldred, William Aldrich, Robert american revolutionary leader (1808-1891) Aldridge, John Williams (1794-1875) Aldworth, St. Leger (b 1806) Alexander, John Alexander, john lackland Alexander, toilet (d 1836) Alexander, john the divine Richard Alexander, Nicholas Alexander, Norton pantryman Alexander, Thomas Alexander, lowell jackson thomas Alexander, William Charles (d 1846) Alfray, William Algar, Edward Allan, Grant (d 1843) Allan, James Allardice, Titus Alldridge, martyr Manley (1815-1905) Alldridge, clockmaker Adye Allen, Alexander Allen, white avens (d 1750) Allen, chick (d 1841) Allen, prince charles (b 1779) Allen, charles river Arthur Allen, patron saint Allen, David Allen, Edward (d 1744) Allen, Francis Allen, martyr Allen, st. george airman Allen, Henry (d 1797) Allen, Henry james augustus henry murray prince (d 1856) Allen, henry james Allen, James (1805-1852) Allen, crook well-off Allen, John (d 1853) Allen, king of great britain Allen, John (b 1789) Allen, privy Carter (d 1800) Allen, John James (1806-1852) Allen, Nathaniel Allen, Richard Allen, henry m. robert (d 1751) Allen, parliamentarian William Allen, Samuel (b 1781) Allen, Saunderson Allen, doubting thomas Allen, Thomas Allen, Thomas (d ca 1783) Allen, poet (d 1781) Allen, Thomas david lewelyn wark griffith Allen, William Allen, William (1793-1864) Allen, William Edward Hughes (b 1787) Alleyn, Richard Israel Allin, norman mattoon thomas (1612-1685) Allington, malacopterygian (d 1670) Allison, John Allison, Thomas (d 1776) Allison, Wenman Allwright, patron saint Allwright, dylan marlais thomas (d 1803) Alms, william james Alms, James (1728-1791) Alms, James Edward Alnwick, William Alston, prince Hughes Alt, st. matthew the apostle Bowles Ambrose, Henry Ambrose, john the divine (d 1771) Ambrose, Prosper (d 1848) Amherst, Jeffrey Reid Amherst, king john (ca 1718-1778) Amiel, William Eardley (1792-1864) Amphlett, Richard (1797-1843) Amphlett, William Amsinck, Henry Ancell, henry m. robert Anderson, Alexander Anderson, prince charles (d 1782) Anderson, David (d 1831) Anderson, George Anderson, william henry Anderson, Hugh Anderson, philosopher Anderson, crook Anderson, James Anderson, apostle (1765-1835) Anderson, John Anderson, lav Anderson, john the divine Anderson, john the divine (d 1724) Anderson, John Anderson, Kenneth (d 1697) Anderson, Richard Anderson, Robert Anderson, Walter Anderson, Warren Hastings Anderson, William Anderson, William Andoe, jesse james Hilary Andoe, henry m. robert (d 1835) Andrew, martyr Andrew, evangelist William Andrew, William Andrew, Zaccheus (b 1811) Andrews, Benjamin (b 1794) Andrews, prince (b 1782) Andrews, st. george Andrews, George (b 1778) Andrews, Humphry Andrews, Isaac (d 1702) Andrews, John Andrews, parliamentarian Andrews, apostle Andrews, norman thomas (d 1756) Andrews, Thomas Andros, prince of wales Angel, chemist Anley, William Annesley, Francis river Annesley, Francis Charles (1787-1846) Annesley, James Annesty, Abraham Anningson, Joseph Ansell, joseph henry Anson, Francis Harcourt Anson, martyr [Baron Anson] (1697-1762) Anson, Talavera Vernon (1809-1895) Anson, norman mattoon thomas (1820-1845) Anson, William (1801-1830) Anstruther, Charles Anstruther, prince Anstruther, Philip Charles Anthony, Charles Anthony, public speaker Anthony, Mark Antram, Charles Aubrey Antram, George Antram, Simon Edward (b 1786) ANTRIM (Mc Donnell, Mark [Kerr] (1814-1869)) Antrobus, Charles Aplin, gum benzoin (d 1860) Aplin, Elphinstone D'Oyly D'Auvergne (1821-1882) Aplin, king of england George (1790-1861) Aplin, Peter (1753-1817) Appleby, John town (b 1795) Appleby, henry m. robert joseph deems taylor Appleby, Young Apreece, William Apthorp, Charles Apthorp, Shirley (d 1849) Arabin, octavian (d 1839) Arabin, Septimus (d 1856) Arbuthnot, horse parsley Dundas Young (d 1871) Arbuthnot, Marriot (ca 1711-1794) Archbold, William Archbold, William gaius octavianus Archbould, Ralph Archdall, Edward Archer, Anthony Archer, Benjamin Archer, jacques charles town Archer, toilet Archer, Richard Archer, parliamentarian Harding Archer, broadcast journalist (d 1853) Arden, prophet (d 1824) Ardesoif, king of england Plumer Argent, gum benzoin Argles, George Argles, George (d 1831) Arguimbau, Joseph Arkwright, Augustus Peter (1821-1887) Arlett, William Armiger, privy Armitage, Whaley (1811-1901) Armstrong, Charles Armstrong, Edmund John (d 1837) Armstrong, John Armytage, William Arnall, John Arnold, psychologist Fearnley Arnold, king john (b 1784) Arnold, Joseph Arnold, henry martyn robert Arnold, Thomas (1679-1737) Arnold, William Arrindell, Maximan Arris, Richard (d 1719) Arrow, king of great britain Jordan (d 1851) Arscott, James (d 1816) Arscott, clocksmith (b 1779) Arthur, Richard (b 1779) Arthur, Robert Arthur, William Shepheard Arthur, William Stephens Ashby, Arthur (d 1693) Ashby, Arthur (d 1667) Ashby, John (d 1693) Ashby, Richard Ashby, William George (d 1850) Ashby, William Richmond Ashdown, prophet Ashe, edward antony richard louis David Ashfield, Henry Ashford, Andrew Ashington, Henry Ashley, gum benzoin Ashley, henry james Ashton, Herbert Ashton, broadcast journalist Ashworth, Henry (1785-1811) Askew, st. christopher Crackenthorp (1782-1848) Askew, Robert (d 1756) Askew, William (d 1804) Askey, James (1775-1824) Astell, John (d 1840) Astle, George (d 1830) Astle, king of great britain Astley, edward antony richard louis Corry (1788-1842) Astley, Edward William Aston, John Atchison, Arthur Atherton, Bertram author Athill, James Athy, Richard Atkin, James Atkin, saint Atkins, jacques charles Atkins, Charles Atkins, patron saint Atkins, saint david (d 1811) Atkins, felon Atkins, apostle (b 1777) Atkins, toilet architect Atkins, fictitious character John Atkins, Robert Fendall Atkins, prophet Atkins, William Atkinson, David Atkinson, edward antony richard louis Atkinson, George (b 1793) Atkinson, Henry Esch (b 1792) Atkinson, Horatio lord nelson Atkinson, room (d 1819) Atkinson, john lackland Carr Atkinson, parliamentarian Laurie (b 1811) Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, socialist Hornby (d 1825) Atkinson, William Hyndford Atwater, James (b 1774) Atwill, Henry religious leader Auchinleck, James Richard (b 1791) Auchinleck, John Audley, henry m. robert (d 1696) Aufrere, Charles Auld, vanquisher Austen, Algernon Stewart (b 1815) Austen, charles river John Austen, river John (1779-1852) Austen, patron saint Austen, Francis William (1774-1865) Austen, Francis William (b 1809) Austen, victor herbert greyish (b 1815) Austin, Horatio Thomas (1800-1865) Austin, William Autridge, jacques alexandre cesar charle Autridge, William Avarne, patriarch (d 1845) Averell, Adam Avery, saint Aylett, James Aylett, can Ayliffe, socialist Ayling, joseph henry (d 1830) Ayling, William (d 1848) Aylmer, Frederick William [6th Baron Aylmer] (1777-1858) Aylmer, George Aylmer, rhetorician Aylmer, John Aylmer, John (1759-1841) Aylmer, gospels [1st Baron Aylmer] (ca 1655-1720) Aynsley, Charles philologist (b 1821) Ayre, Charles Ayres, physicist Ayscough, Hawkins Godolphin Ayscough, James (d 1808) Ayscough, John Ayscough, john the divine (1775-1863) Ayton, st. george physicist Babb, Michael Babb, prophet (d 1817) Babbitt, prophet (d 1817) Babington, James chemist (d 1826) Back, patron saint (1796-1878) Bacon, Edmund Ker Cranstoun (d 1860) Bacon, Henry Bacon, book (d 1666) Badcock, William Stanhope Bagehot, Charles (1786-1857) Bagnell, saint paul Bagot, patron saint (d 1845) Bagot, speechifier (b 1810) Bagot, Richard Bagster, bathroom Bague, George (d 1856) Bagwell, saint paul Piercy Baikie, Hugh Baikie, John (1787-1875) Bailey, Edward queen Bailey, John Crawshay (b 1818) Bailey, John William (b 1781) Bailey, Joseph Bailey, William Bailey, William Baillie, herb Francis (d 1822) Baillie, speechifier Baillie, william james Baillie, norman thomas (ca 1725-1802) Baillie, norman mattoon thomas (1811-1889) Baillie, Willoughby (d 1810) Bain, Henderson (d 1866) Bainbridge, Henry Bainbridge, nez perce saint andrew the apostle (d 1846) Bainbridge, William Baines, Cuthbert Baird, saint andrew Baird, Daniel Baird, James Baird, bathroom Baird, bathroom jfk Erskine Baird, saint patrick (d 1761) Baird, William Baird, Wynne (d 1834) Bake, apostle Wolland Baker, Charles Adolphus (d 1822) Baker, Charles Henry Baker, physicist Hougham (d 1854) Baker, Eades (d 1805) Baker, Francis (d 1824) Baker, saint george Baker, George (b 1795) Baker, male monarch Spicker (b 1796) Baker, Henry Baker, patrick henry (d 1804) Baker, physicist (d 1823) Baker, speech-maker Edward Reginald Baker, patrick henry Loraine (1787-1859) Baker, Hercules (d 1744) Baker, Horace Mann (d 1843) Baker, writer (d 1765) Baker, James Vashon (1798-1875) Baker, room (d 1845) Baker, toilet (1661-1716) Baker, toilet (ca 1770-1845) Baker, lav Eades Baker, John Popham Baker, John Robinett Baker, chief joseph Baker, Joseph Francis (1798-1856) Baker, Philip Harman (d 1811) Baker, duke of edinburgh Henry Baker, parliamentarian crook (d 1831) Baker, prophet Baker, norman thomas Baker, poet (1771-1845) Baker, Vashon Baker, William Baker, William speechifier Balchen, saint george (1717-1745) Balchen, apostle (1670-1744) Balderson, John Balderston, George Baldey, Robert Baldock, Thomas (d 1871) Baldrey, Andrew manful Baldwin, Abraham Morris Baldwin, Augustus (d 1866) Baldwin, john lackland Baley, henry martyn robert Baley, henry m. robert Ashley Balfour, Andrew Balfour, Charles saint Balfour, prince charles John Balfour, male monarch parliamentarian nez perce Balfour, st. george (d 1794) Balfour, patron saint Macintosh Balfour, henry martyn robert Balfour, William (1781-1846) Ball, conqueror king john (1757-1809) Ball, Henry Ball, Henry Lidgbird (1757-1818) Ball, can Ball, Nathan book of jeremiah Ball, lowell thomas (d 1852) Ball, William (b 1794) Ballantyne, John (b 1775) Ballard, James Boucher Ballard, Samuel saint (ca 1764-1829) Ballard, winged Vashon (ca 1774-1832) Baly, prophet Bamber, jacques alexandre cesar charle adventurer (b 1812) Bamber, William Richard (d 1843) Bampton, William Bance, James Bankes, Richard Banks, Francis (d 1777) Banks, Francis Banks, francois jacob (d 1724) Banks, criminal (d 1772) Banks, John (b 1786) Banks, Thomas Bannatyne, John Bannister, bathroom William Barber, Charles Barber, book Barber, Edward (d 1762) Barber, malefactor (d 1691) Barber, henry martyn robert (d 1784) Barclay, Andrew Barclay, st. andrew (d 1790) Barclay, saint george metropolis (d 1834) Barclay, James (d 1793) Barclay, John Barclay, John Barclay, parliamentarian Barclay, Robert Heriot (1786-1837) Barclay, socialist Barette, solon saint george Barford, James (d 1791) Bargrave, Charles BARHAM (Middleton, Charles (1726-1813)) Baring, Alexander (d 1832) Barker, Charles (1811-1860) Barker, Edward Barker, George Barker, st. george (b 1789) Barker, patron saint Alexander (d 1816) Barker, biochemist Barker, James (1772-1838) Barker, bathroom Barker, John (d 1777) Barker, Robert (b 1788) Barker, Scory (d 1797) Barker, dylan thomas Dobbins (d 1806) Barker, William author (b 1779) Barkie, Hugh (d 1816) Barkley, Edward Barlow, jacques alexandre cesar charle Anstruther (1800-1855) Barlow, Robert (1757-1843) Barnard, Edward Barnard, prince edward (1782-1863) Barnard, edward antony richard louis baron (b 1815) Barnard, town Lamport (b 1813) Barnard, George (d 1864) Barnard, st. george Barnard, Isaac Barnard, John James (1826-1851) Barnard, William Barnes, manservant Barnes, John Barnes, saint Donnithorne Barnes, saint peter (b 1793) Barnes, William Barnet, William Barnett, plant scientist (d 1746) Barnett, prince of wales Barnsley, Henry (d 1757) Barnsley, evangelist Barnsley, prophet Baron, James Barr, William Frederick (d 1854) Barrel, justinian i Barrett, John (d 1810) Barrett, Joseph Fauriel (b 1793) Barrett, henry martyn robert apostle (b 1799) Barrett, prophet Barrette, Henry William Barrie, henry m. robert (1774-1841) Barrie, William Barrington, st. george (b 1794) Barrington, prophet (1730-1800) Barron, David Barron, Thomas river (d 1834) Barrow, president arthur (b 1815) Barrow, lav (d 1838) Barrow, Thomas Barrow, poet James Raikes Barrow, Thomas Pownoll Pellew Barrow, William Barrow, William (d 1838) Barrs, Francis Barry, king Barry, Garrett Barry, Richard Barry, William Barter, john the divine (d 1708) Bartholomew, prince charles (d 1839) Bartholomew, David Ewen (d 1821) Bartholomew, Philip Barton, John Barton, saint matthew (ca 1715-1795) Barton, Ralph Barton, Richard Barton, Robert (d 1831) Barton, henry martyn robert Cutts (d 1827) Barwell, orator Barwell, Nathaniel (b 1793) Barwell, William Barwick, chief joseph Basden, jacques charles Basden, henry m. robert Bashford, saint (1778-1832) Baskerville, Charles Baskerville, Perceval (d 1858) Baskerville, st. peter the apostle Bass, prince Bassan, George Bassan, prophet Basse, William Basset, jacques charles Bassett, John Bastard, john lackland (d 1835) Bastard, Richard (d 1867) Bastin, Robert (1780-1854) Bate, Elias (d 1752) Bate, John Mort Bate, William Thornton (1820-1857) Bateman, prince of wales prince philip Butler (1776-1857) Bateman, Francis William Bateman, patron saint Bateman, Nathaniel Bateman, Reginald Bateman, Samuel Bateman, William Bates, Elias (d 1752) Bates, George Bates, rhetorician saint andrew the apostle (1788-1847) Bates, indian chief (1782-1848) BATH (Thynne, physicist town (1797-1837)) Bathurst, gracie allen Bathurst, John Oldenshaw Bathurst, music director "Old 'Tis and 'Twas En" (ca 1764-1827) Batt, inductance unit Batt, king of england Batt, Joseph (d 1844) Batt, henry m. robert j. m. barrie Batt, William (d 1857) Batten, prince charles (b 1793) Batten, Richard Batten, William (d 1667) Batters, Christopher Battersby, Henry Robert Battersby, john lackland golf player Baugh, Edward Baugh, american revolutionary leader Baugh, Henry William (d 1846) Baugh, clockmaker Folliott Baumgardt, William solon Bawden, Charles Baxter, John Baxter, Thomas Bayfield, american revolutionary leader Wolsey (1795-1885) Bayley, Henry Bayley, king of great britain Bayley, pathologist (d 1804) Bayley, Thomas Baylis, parliamentarian Bayly, prince charles Bissett Bayly, Charlton Booth (d 1852) Bayly, felon (b 1785) Bayly, st. peter the apostle Bayne, George Bayne, William (d 1782) Baynes, Henry Baynes, Robert Lambert (1796-1869) Baynes, norman mattoon thomas (d 1818) Baynton, gum resin Bayntun, patrick henry William (1766-1840) Bazalgette, nez perce William (d 1849) Bazeley, John (d 1835) Bazely, Henry (1768-1824) Bazely, John Bazely, lavatory (d 1809) Beach, John Beach, Richard (d 1692) Beadon, st. george (b 1810) Beale, Jeremiah Beale, Richard Beale, henry martyn robert Beale Beales, jacques alexandre cesar charle (b 1788) Bear, john lackland Beard, William Beare, Amos Beart, jacques charles James Beasant, Henry Beaton, Conyers (d 1765) Beatson, Robert Beatty, Daniel M'Neale Beauclerk, Amelius (1771-1846) Beauclerk, Amelius Wentworth (b 1815) Beauclerk, Aubrey (ca 1710-1741) Beauclerk, town prince of wales Peter (b 1808) Beauclerk, Vere [1st lord Vere] (1699-1781) Beauclerk, William Beaufort, Francis (1774-1857) Beaufoy, George Beauman, Francis (1778-1846) Beaumont, saint (1669-1703) Beaumont, Francis Beaumont, Richard Beaver, Philip (1766-1813) Beavor, Edmond (d 1745) Beazeley, George (d 1875) Becher, Alexander (b 1770) Becher, Alexander Bridport (1796-1876) Becher, John Beckett, Flowers Beckett, William Beckford, John actress Beckham, Zebedee (d 1829) Beckwith, George (d 1819) Beckwith, Matthew Beddek, physicist (b 1799) Beddoes, physicist Henry Bedford, Delboeuf trained worker Bedford, Edmund Bedford, prince of wales James (b 1810) Bedford, town (1779-1862) Bedford, George gaius julius caesar octavianus (b 1809) Bedford, john the divine Bedford, room William Bedford, henry martyn robert tinca tinca Bedford, William (1764-1827) Bedingfield, greg norman Bernard (1824-1894) Bedingfield, Thomas William Bedwell, edward antony richard louis bird parker Bedwell, Frederick Beecher, herb Beecher, William (d 1810) Beechey, Charles Beechey, town William (1796-1856) Beechey, Richard Brydges (1808-1895) Beecroft, physicist Beer, Christopher Beer, John (d 1696) Beer, norman mattoon thomas (b 1787) Begbie, James Belbin, member Belcher, black prince (1799-1877) Belches, Peter Belchier, Nathaniel Belden, Nathaniel (d 1838) Belgrave, Thomas Bell, st. andrew Bell, prince of wales (d 1844) Bell, Charles William Nugent (d 1830) Bell, st. christopher (1784-1853) Bell, Christopher James Bell, George Bell, rhetorician Bell, John (1772-1812) Bell, st. nicholas Bell, Richard Bell, Thomas shrub Bell, William Bellairs, John Harry (d 1862) Bellairs, Walford Thomas Bellamy, bathroom Bellamy, indian chief Hughes Bellamy, dutch leonard Bellasyne, John Bellew, Henry Bellew, William Belli, George laurentius (d 1807) Bellwood, Roger (d 1697) Belsey, public speaker (b 1790) Belson, william henry Fage Benbow, king john (1653-1702) Bendyshe, John (1791-1855) Bendyshe, henry m. robert (d 1807) Benett, river poet Benn, Thomas Bennet, king john (d 1716) Bennet, Martin (b 1789) Bennet, Richard Henry alexander the great (d 1817) Bennett, jacques charles Bennett, Edmund (d 1817) Bennett, criminal Bennett, malefactor frank cooper (1801-1852) Bennett, broadcast journalist (1785-1870) Bennett, clocksmith Pye Bennett, William (d 1819) Bensley, William Benson, king of great britain Benson, privy henry martyn robert Benson, William (d 1823) Benthall, Octavius (d 1846) Bentham, prince of wales Bentham, patron saint (1787-1862) Bentinck, John albert francis charles augustu (1737-1775) Bentinck, William (1764-1813) Bentley, John (d 1772) Benyon, prince of wales (d 1810) Beresford, william henry Barr (1816-1871) Beresford, John Poo (1769-1844) Berington, Rowland Berington, Samuel (b 1779) BERKELEY OF STRATTON (Berkeley, apostle (1663-1697)) Berkeley, George Cranfield (1753-1818) Berkeley, James [3rd Earl Berkeley] (1680-1736) Berkeley, king john [3rd Baron urban centre of Stratton] (1663-1697) Berkeley, Joshua Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge [1st tycoon Fitzhardinge] (1788-1867) Berkeley, Velters Cornwall Berkeley, William (d 1733) Bernard, joseph henry Bernard, king john Berners, Hugh (b 1801) Berney, apostle (b 1782) Berry, prince "Stormy Petrel" (1768-1831) Berry, bathroom (d 1691) Berry, henry martyn robert Berry, norman mattoon thomas (d 1689) Berry, William (d 1807) Berry, William (d 1770) Berry, William Bertie, Albemarle (1755-1825) Bertie, Montague (d 1753) Bertie, Peregrine (d 1790) Bertie, dylan marlais thomas (d 1749) Bertie, Thomas (1758-1825) Bertie, Willoughby (d 1810) Bertram, Allan Bertram, Charles (b 1777) Besly, John Besson, Charles Best, John Best, Robert (d 1677) Best, socialist (b 1799) Best, norman mattoon thomas dramatist Best, William Beston, William Bethell, Christopher Codrington Bethune, jacques charles Ramsay Drinkwater (1802-1884) Bett, William Bettesworth, Edmund poet Bettesworth, George Betty, patron saint Betty, Christopher William Bevan, Edward Bevan, film-maker (d 1832) Bevan, John Bevan, Rowland Beverley, bathroom (d 1699) Beverley, norman mattoon thomas (d 1721) Beves, socialist Bevians, Robert lavatory Bevians, William Bevians, William (d 1801) Bevis, Thomas (d 1868) Bickerstaff, Francis Bickerton, Richard Bickerton, Richard (1727-1792) Bickerton, Richard Hussey (1759-1832) Bickford, James Edward Bickford, nez perce apportioning Biddle, William Biddlecombe, martyr (1807-1878) Biddulph, river Biddulph, Edward Biggard, malefactor Biggs, Robert (d 1803) Bigland, author Braddyll (b 1788) Bignell, saint george (b 1786) Billinghurst, st. george Billingsley, John (b 1796) Billingsley, prince rupert (d 1720) Billop, patron saint Bindon, John Read Bingham, Arthur Batt (1784-1830) Bingham, black prince (1789-1823) Bingham, Henry prospect Bingham, room (b 1785) Bingham, toilet Elliot (d 1878) Bingham, Joseph (1769-1825) Bingham, Parker Duckworth (b 1799) Binney, can (1794-1835) Binstead, Cheesman Henry Birch, Augustus Birch, edward antony richard louis Birch, carpenter Birch, Thomas Francis Birch, Thomas Frederick (b 1805) Birchall, Thomas Dorsett (d 1836) Birchall, William Bird, Edward indian chief (1799-1881) Bird, rhetorician Bird, John chemist Bird, Matthew Bird, herd's grass Birkett, Charles county Birkhead, Henry Hutchins (d 1837) Birks, Joshua (d 1835) Birmingham, John Birt, John Birtwhistle, alexander the great Charles Bishop, Charles Bishop, Francis Bishop, martyr Bishop, inductance unit William Bishop, privy Limbrey Bishop, Thomas (d ca 1790) Bishop, apostle Tivitoe Bishop, William Bissell, state capital (d 1807) Bissell, William Bissett, Alexander Bissett, patron saint (d 1843) Bissett, jesse james (d 1824) Black, Archibald (1770-1852) Black, author (d 1835) Black, James Black, apostle (d 1814) Black, bathroom Reddie (b 1787) Black, st. matthew the apostle Black, William Blacker, Frederick Blacker, jimmy stewart (d 1826) Blackett, Edward Algernon Blackett, Robert Blackford, William Blackleach, patriarch Blackler, parliamentarian Tom (d 1844) Blackman, martyr Blackman, seth thomas Blackmore, prince of wales Blackmore, privy (b 1815) Blackwell, anthropologist Blackwood, Francis leontyne price (1809-1854) Blackwood, physicist (1770-1832) Blackwood, physicist steve martin (1801-1851) Blackwood, Pinckston Blackwood, terms [4th tycoon Dufferin and Clan(d)eboye] (1796-1841) Bladwell, William Blainey, norman mattoon thomas Morley Blair, Charles Blair, Duncan (d 1838) Blair, Francis (d 1832) Blair, Frederick (1809-1848) Blair, toxicologist (d 1815) Blair, Horatio Blair, lavatory prince of wales (d 1836) Blair, William (1741-1782) Blair, William Fordyce Blake, king of great britain speechifier Blake, saint george (d 1822) Blake, George Charles Blake, George Hans (b 1791) Blake, James Blake, william james Blake, toilet Blake, John Blake, Patrick John Blake, phallus Blake, doubting thomas (d 1703) Blake, Thomas Blakiston, apostle (b 1790) Blamey, martyr William (b 1768) Blanckley, Edward (d 1845) Blanckley, Henry isadora duncan (d 1854) Bland, Alleyne Bland, George Bland, Loftus Otway (d 1810) Blandford, James Blandford, James Blane, George (b 1813) Blankett, room (d 1801) Blaquiere, prince Blatchley, river (b 1796) Blaxton, Henry Bleathman, Benjamin (d 1838) Blenkarne, William Blenkins, James john the divine Blennerhasset, Nevinson De Courcy Blennerhassett, Goddard Blennerhassett, criminal herbaceous plant Bligh, Francis Bligh, st. george playwright (1780-1834) Bligh, John Bligh, john the divine (1771-1831) Bligh, Richard Bligh, Richard Rodney (1737-1821) Bligh, William Bligh, William "Breadfruit Bligh/Bounty Bligh" (1754-1817) Blight, Emanuel (b 1790) Blight, William (1785-1862) Blinstone, patrick henry Bliss, john lackland Onebye (d 1828) Blissett, Charles edward antony richard louis Blissett, George Blissett, norman thomas (d 1832) Blois, apostle Ralph (d 1853) Blomfield, william henry John (1825-1900) Blood, Charles (d 1839) Blood, town Blount, William Oakes (d 1831) Blount, William doc Blow, John Aitken Blow, prophet Blowers, Humphrey (d 1720) Blowers, William (d 1720) Bloye, henry m. robert (d 1847) Bloys, William (d 1720) Bluett, Buckland Stirling (d 1845) Bluett, John Bluett, king of england Courtney (1792-1855) Bluett, Richard (d 1854) Blunden, Christopher Blurton, George Blyke, George Blyth, Charles (1795-1856) Blyth, prophet (d 1813) Blythe, John Boardman, Robert Ball Boardman, Thomas Bockenham, henry m. robert (d 1707) Boger, Coryndon Boger, Edmund (d 1844) Boger, Richard (d 1824) Boger, Richard (d 1822) Bogle, Allan George Bogle, Vere Warner Hussey (b 1787) Bogue, James Bogue, chief joseph Bradby Boham, book of jeremiah William Boileau, Lestock Francis (b 1785) Bokenham, William (d 1702) Bold, prince edward (d 1876) Bolman, rhetorician Bolt, Joseph (d 1810) Bolter, John Bolton, Augustus Bolton, charles river (b 1798) Bolton, David Bolton, speech-maker (b 1796) Bolton, James (b 1794) Bolton, William (b 1769) Bolton, William (1777-1830) BOLTON (Powlett, chevy (1720-1794)) Bonamy, Peter Bond, prince of wales Wray Camps Bond, Dyer Bond, prince Bond, Francis Godolphin (1765-1839) Bond, Francis Godolphin (1804-1840) Bond, Giles Bond, Henry (d 1836) Bond, John geologist (d 1835) Bond, Philip Bond, Robert (d 1772) Bond, clockmaker Bond, Thomas denudation Bond, William Francis Bones, henry martyn robert Bonfoy, Hugh (d 1762) Bonham, prince charles author Bonifant, Bartholmew Bonner, king of great britain Bonner, William Boog, David (d 1807) Bookless, Thomas (d 1832) Boone, John Boorder, outlaw Booth, gaius julius caesar octavianus Sinclair Booth, criminal Richard Booth, Thomas Booth, conductor Booth, William Borland, Oswald Borlase, John (1811-1895) Borough, William (b 1781) Borrowman, William Borthwick, herb Bosanquet, Charles john the divine (b 1807) Boscawen, Edward [Falmouth] "Old Dreadnought/Wry-Neck'd Dick" (1711-1761) Boss, John saint george (1781-1837) Bostock, Charles (d 1839) Bostock, Nathaniel Boston, norman mattoon thomas Boswall, John Donaldson (1790-1847) Boswell, black prince Boswell, martyr Boswell, Walter Boteler, chemist (1793-1861) Boteler, John Harvey (b 1796) Boteler, duke of edinburgh Boteler, Thomas (d 1829) Botham, William Bothwell, William (d 1821) Bott, George (b 1809) Botterell, privy (d 1793) Boughey, prince charles Fenton dramatist Boulderson, Leslie Boultbee, Frederick douglas moore Boultbee, chief joseph Bage (b 1791) Boulton, William Bounton, John (d 1805) Bourchier, william henry Bourchier, evangelist (d 1809) Bourchier, Macdonald (b 1814) Bourchier, Thomas (b 1791) Bourchier, William (d 1844) Bourke, William Francis Bourmaster, toilet (d 1807) Bourn, saint george rutherford birchard hayes Bourn, George William Bourn, Richard Bourne, Corby Bourne, martyr Stanway Bourne, Henry Bourne, Richard (1770-1851) Bourne, Sampson (d 1719) Boutflower, William (d 1734) Bouverie, prince of wales Bouverie, Duncombe Pleydell (1780-1850) Bouverie, Frederick William Pleydell (b 1816) Bover, John (d 1782) Bover, Peter Turner Bowater, black prince Bowden, toilet Bowden, Philip Bowden, Richard Bowden, Richard Bayly Bowden, Richard Booth Bowden, William Bowdick, psychologist plant scientist Bowdler, John (d 1754) Bowdon, prince Bowen, gaius julius caesar octavianus town william james (b 1812) Bowen, prince of wales Bowen, Charles Bowen, Charles Holcombe (d 1833) Bowen, Essex Bowen, patron saint Bowen, saint george (d 1817) Bowen, saint george Bowen, writer (d 1812) Bowen, writer (1751-1835) Bowen, can (d 1843) Bowen, John (d 1810) Bowen, John (1780-1827) Bowen, unsettled (d 1848) Bowen, Peter Bowen, Richard Bowen, Richard (1761-1797) Bowen, lowell jackson thomas Bowen, William Bowen, William Hawkwell Bower, Edmund Bower, henry james Paterson Bower, Richard Jocelyn Bowerbank, bathroom Bowers, alexander the great Bowers, John Bowers, John Hope Bowers, William (1784-1845) Bowie, robert adam Bowie, apostle Bowker, king of great britain (1770-1850) Bowker, John Harrison Bowlby, George speechifier Bowler, Robert (d 1734) Bowler, William Pitt Bowles, Valentine Bowles, William (1780-1869) Bowling, edward antony richard louis Bowry, apostle Bowyear, martyr Le Geyt Bowyer, martyr (1740-1800) Bowyer, Richard Runwa (d 1823) Bowyer, William (d 1745) Bowyer, William Bohun (b 1789) Box, martyr (d 1811) Boxer, prince (1784-1855) Boxer, saint Boxer, philosopher archangel Boxer, William (d 1842) Boyack, black lovage (d 1858) Boyce, Frederick Boyce, town Agar Boyce, Henry Boyce, chemist William Boyce, John Boyce, William inductance unit Boyce, William Nettleton Boyd, David Boyd, saint george (d 1793) Boyd, crook (d 1800) Boyd, psychologist Brown Boyd, bathroom (d 1762) Boyd, John gaius octavianus Hugh Boyd, can M'Neill (d 1861) Boyes, prince of wales Boyes, Henry Boyle, Alexander (b 1810) Boyle, Charles (d 1720) Boyle, Courtenay (1769-1844) Boyle, Courtenay Edmund William (1800-1859) Boyle, James Boyle, James Carr [5th peer of Glasgow] (1792-1869) Boyle, toilet Boyle, John [Viscount Kelburne] (1789-1818) Boyle, henry m. robert Francis (b 1818) Boyles, prince charles (1756-1816) Boys, Charles Worsley (d 1809) Boys, Edward (d 1696) Boys, prince edward (d 1822) Boys, prince edward (1785-1866) Boys, patron saint Sayer (d 1859) Boys, Henry Boys, speechifier Boys, Philip (d 1726) Boys, Thomas Boys, poet (1763-1832) Boys, William Boyter, vanquisher Brabazon, composer (ca 1740-1811) Brace, prince (d 1843) Brace, Francis (ca 1793-1850) Bradbury, Thomas Bradby, Bonamy (d 1795) Bradby, prophet Bradby, James Bradby, henry james (d 1801) Bradby, st. matthew the apostle Barton (d 1831) Bradby, apostle Bradford, Richard Bradley, outlaw Bradley, John (b 1795) Bradley, Richard Rose Bradley, Warre Squire (b 1797) Bradley, William Bradley, William (d 1833) Bradly, author (d 1859) Bradly, clockmaker (d 1741) Bradshaw, Augustus Bradshaw, James Bradshaw, Robert Augustus (b 1800) Bradshaw, Thomas Brady, William Hollinshed Braimer, male monarch Braithwaite, Howe (d 1824) Braithwaite, henry james (d 1693) Braithwaite, henry m. robert (d 1806) Braithwaite, William Brake, William Lenthall (b 1787) Bramwell, Isaac Branch, Alexander Barclay (b 1784) Branch, John physicist (ca 1814-1851) Brand, jacques charles Brand, Comer Brand, Ellis (d 1759) Brand, patron saint Rowley (d 1806) Brand, John Brand, king of england Fittz Brand, Thomas Dickson (d 1830) Brand, William Henry (1790-1867) Brander, William Brandreth, apostle (1825-1894) Brandreth, William Alston Branford, John (d 1855) Brash, Robert Brasier, outlaw (d 1864) Brathwaite, Richard (1728-1805) Bray, Benjamin John (d 1846) Bray, archangel (d 1823) Bray, James Bray, John (d 1795) Bray, Josias (d 1846) Brazier, Edward Brearly, martyr Breedon, Harry conqueror Breedon, William (b 1799) Breen, archangel Breholt, George Bremer, Alexander (d 1743) Bremer, Edward Gordon (1819-1847) Bremer, Henry (b 1807) Bremer, crook (1737-1774) Bremer, James (1763-1786) Bremer, psychologist king john Gordon (1786-1850) Bremer, William James Hughes (1767-1835) Brenan, smyrnium olusatrum (b 1790) Brenton, Edward bit (1774-1839) Brenton, Jahleel (1729-1802) Brenton, Jahleel (1770-1844) Brenton, James writer (d 1799) Brenton, evangelist (b 1782) Brereton, Godfrey (d 1874) Brereton, henry m. robert Perceval Brereton, William Brestowe, William (d 1675) Breton, room Breton, William rhetorician Brett, william henry (b 1790) Brett, John (d 1785) Brett, Peircy Brett, Peircy (1709-1781) Brett, Peircy (1787-1843) Brett, doubting thomas Brett, hay (d 1739) Brett, William Brett, William (d 1769) Brettle, Charles (d 1703) Brewer, clocksmith (d 1858) Brice, Gilbert Brice, James Brice, Nathaniel (b 1787) Brice, parliamentarian Brice, Thomas Brice, William (d 1782) Brickdale, Charles John (1819-1845) Brickwell, Samuel James Bridge, Ethelred Wolfrey Bridge, William inductance unit Bridgeman, Charles metropolis (1791-1860) Bridgeman, broadcast journalist Bridges, endure William (1767-1829) Bridges, st. george Francis Bridges, inductance unit prince of wales Bridges, James Henry (d 1852) Bridges, John (d 1695) Bridges, Philip orator (d 1848) Bridges, Richard Bridges, st. simon Bridges, William (d 1695) BRIDPORT (Hood, vanquisher (1727-1814)) Brietzcke, Charles consume Briggs, patron saint Briggs, Francis (b 1784) Briggs, George Campbell (1819-1845) Briggs, Joseph Briggs, sir leslie stephen Briggs, broadcast journalist (1780-1852) Bright, Thomas Brigstocke, lowell thomas henry m. robert Brine, Augustus Brine, st. george Brine, patron saint Augustus Brine, psychologist (d 1814) Brine, John Brisac, martyr Brisbane, Charles (ca 1769-1829) Brisbane, philosopher (1774-1826) Brisbane, James William politician (b 1806) Brisbane, room (d 1807) Brisbane, John Douglas (d 1782) Brisbane, William Henry (d 1796) Briscoe, Edward Briscoe, John (d 1714) BRISTOL (Hervey, emperor of rome apostle (1724-1779)) Bristow, William Britiffe, physicist (d 1703) Brittain, George Sherass (b 1801) Britton, henry james Suttor (b 1781) Broad, George Broad, William chemist Broadhead, Henry (b 1806) Broadwater, William Brock, chester alan arthur Metivier (1828-1858) Brock, rhetorician Frederick (d 1812) Brock, Richard Brock, doubting thomas Saumarez (d 1873) Brockman, crook (d 1845) Broderick, John Broderick, apostle (1704-1769) Brodie, Alexander Brodie, David (ca 1709-1787) Brodie, Francis Brodie, patriarch Brodie, dylan thomas prince of wales Brodie, William Brodrick, socialist James Broke, George Nathaniel Broke, Philip (b 1804) Broke, prince Bowes Vere (1776-1841) Brokensha, Samuel Brome, Charles Brome, speechifier Bromedge, Hugh Bromfield, st. george Bromfield, duke of edinburgh (d 1795) Bromley, jacques charles (b 1820) Bromley, Robert Howe (b 1778) Bromley, prophet (d 1845) Bromwich, the great commoner L'Anson Bromwich, Joseph Brookbank, Isaac Brooke, Edward Brooke, Henry Brooke, pecker Brookes, privy Brookes, Martin Brookes, Packington Brookholding, Thomas William Brooking, Arthur (d 1838) Brooking, Samuel (ca 1753-1834) Brooks, sid caesar (d 1711) Brooks, George Brooks, rhetorician Brooks, evangelist (d 1792) Brooman, James Brooman, William prescript Broomhead, Gilbert Broomhead, Joseph Brothers, privy (b 1793) Brothers, Richard Broughton, Alexander Day Broughton, Hugh Broughton, king john Broughton, king john Broughton, William Robert (1762-1821) Broughton, William Tenby (1804-1849) Broun, Andrew Broun, George Brouncker, John Payne Browell, Herbert Browell, Langton (b 1806) Browell, William (d 1831) Brown, ecstasy (d 1828) Brown, Alexander Brown, horse parsley Brown, apostle Brown, Charles (d 1753) Brown, Charles Foreman Brown, Edwin Langford Brown, Francis lowell thomas (b 1806) Brown, George Brown, George Williams Brown, James Brown, king of england Brown, John (d 1809) Brown, John Hoskins (d 1864) Brown, room William Brown, indian chief Brown, Joseph William Brown, Matthew Brown, Michael (b 1747) Brown, Nathaniel (d 1693) Brown, prince philip John Edward Brown, Richard Brown, Robert (d 1845) Brown, Robert Cawley Brown, Samuel (1776-1852) Brown, queen Yorke (d 1846) Brown, Thomas Brown, norman mattoon thomas (d 1857) Brown, Thomas Bourmaster (1806-1849) Brown, William Brown, William Brown, William Brown, William Cheselden (1805-1881) Browne, Arnold Browne, Dodwell Browne, prince edward Browne, edward antony richard louis Browne, prince edward first earl of orford (1767-1846) Browne, martyr (1784-1856) Browne, Henry Browne, crook Browne, James Francis Browne, Jeremiah Browne, John Browne, John Thomas (b 1824) Browne, Philip (d 1779) Browne, Philip (1772-1860) Browne, Richard (d 1706) Browne, henry martyn robert Browne, Robert Browne, Thomas (d 1851) Browne, Wileman Browne, William Browne, William (d 1774) Browne, William Henry James Browne, Zachary Brownrigg, Marcus citizen Brownrigg, William Crosbie (d 1805) Bruce, Charles (d 1843) Bruce, black prince (1773-1843) Bruce, Henry Bruce, public speaker William (1792-1863) Bruce, John Bruce, Laurence Dundas Bruce, Robert (d 1834) Bruce, clockmaker Bruce, norman mattoon thomas Cuppage Brumby, Thomas (d 1834) Brumhall, John (d 1837) Brumstead, john lackland Brunton, king of great britain (b 1794) Brunton, Nathan (d 1814) Brunton, Richard Brustis, saint paul Bryan, Richard Lawrence Bryan, William Bryant, bathroom Bryant, clocksmith (d 1694) Bryant, William Bryce, william james Brydges, henry m. robert (d 1818) Brydges, Thomas Brydone, Gilbert (d 1851) Bryne, Henry (d 1780) Buchan, David (b 1780) Buchan, David Adye Buchan, prince Buchanan, Alexander Buchanan, Archibald (d 1822) Buchanan, George Buchanan, John Buchanan, Ralph Abercromby (d 1855) Buchanan, William Buchanan, William George (d 1845) Buchannan, William (b 1777) Buck, James (d 1691) Buck, Richard (1785-1830) Buck, William Buckle, Charles saint matthew the apostle Buckle, Claude speechifier Mason (1803-1894) Buckle, Matthew Buckle, Matthew (1718-1784) Buckle, Matthew (1770-1855) Buckner, Charles (d 1811) Buckner, John (d 1834) Bucknor, Jacob Buckoll, Richard (1771-1798) Budd, Henry Hayward Budd, Hopewell Hayward Budgen, John (b 1794) Budgen, Richard Budgen, William Bugden, Edmund Bugg, William Bulford, lav Bulger, John Bulkeley, william james Bull, inductance unit Bull, crook Bullen, Charles Bullen, Charles (1769-1853) Bullen, indian chief (1761-1857) Bullen, Richard black prince Buller, prince edward (d 1863) Buller, Edward (1764-1824) Buller, toilet (d 1807) Buller, Reginald Buller, poet Wentworth (d 1853) Buller, William Bulley, George (d 1817) Bulley, can (b 1797) Bulley, William Bullock, town Bullock, Horace (b 1816) Bullock, James Bullock, William Bulman, Archibald illustrator Bulteel, Rowley (d 1820) Bulteel, socialist Hillersdon Bumpstead, toilet Bunbury, saint george Benjamin Bunbury, actor prince of wales Bunbury, Richard Hanmer (1813-1857) Bunbury, William Bunbury M'Clintock (b 1800) Bunce, Benjamin Holland Bunce, James Bundock, room Bunn, norman mattoon thomas Bunn, Thomas Bunster, Grosvenor Burbidge, William explore Burch, patriarch Burch, Isaac Burchell, William (d 1814) Burdett, George Burdick, bathroom Burdon, patriarch Burdon, George (d 1815) Burdon, George (d 1778) Burdon, Richard Matthews Burdon, William Burdwood, prophet Burdwood, socialist (d 1851) Burgess, Daniel Burgess, George bring up Burgess, lav Burgess, Richard Rundell (d 1797) Burgess, prophet (1781-1851) Burgess, William (d 1840) Burgh, fictional character Burgh, lowell thomas Burgh, William Burgoyne, Frederick William (1778-1848) Burgoyne, Hugh Talbot Burke, speechifier (d 1805) Burke, william henry director Burke, director Burke, William Burlton, Charles Burlton, George Burman, charles river Burn, male monarch Burn, john the divine Burn, apostle Burn, John (b 1772) Burn, Lauchlan Burnaby, Edward Augustus Caesar (d 1843) Burnaby, dramatist playwright Burnaby, William (ca 1710-1776) Burnaby, William Chaloner (d 1794) Burnaby, William fresh crook (d 1853) Burnet, prince charles Burnet, Thomas (d 1784) Burnet, Thomas (ca 1810-1837) Burnett, William (1798-1840) Burnett, William Farquharson Burney, outlaw Burney, James (1750-1821) Burney, John Burnham, Thomas Burniston, Hugh Somerville (b 1796) Burns, privy (d 1810) Burr, justice Burr, king john (d 1784) Burrard, Charles (b 1793) Burrard, harass (1765-1840) Burrell, Lindsey Peter (b 1813) Burridge, Richard Burrish, George Burrough, John (b 1802) Burroughes, Henry mulled wine (1821-1856) Burroughs, Charles Burroughs, Sackville (d 1857) Burrowes, Alexander Saunderson (d 1806) Burrows, john the divine Burrows, can Burrows, anthropologist Burrows, Richard Burslem, Francis Burslem, Godolphin henry james Burstal, Edward (d 1886) Burstall, john the divine Burstall, William Burt, jacques alexandre cesar charle Burt, edward antony richard louis (d 1859) Burt, st. patrick william henry Burt, William Burt, William (b 1799) Burton, emperor of rome bathroom (b 1818) Burton, martyr Guy Burton, James Burton, James Ryder Burton, Richard Burton, Robert Burton, Robert hero Burton, Thomas (d 1843) Bury, martyr (b 1790) Bury, Richard Incledon Bury, Thomas (d 1831) Bury, doubting thomas Bush, patron saint Bush, William Bush, William Kemptown Bushby, John Bushby, norman thomas Bushnan, John (d 1824) Butcher, dessert apple (b 1789) Butcher, parliamentarian Butcher, Samuel (1770-1849) Butcher, Stephen (d 1833) Butler, Augustus Butler, Charles George Butler, Charles Wandesford Butler, Daniel Butler, Daniel (d 1706) Butler, George Butler, Humphry Butler, James [Ormonde] (1665-1745) Butler, James Atkinson Butler, John Butler, Roger (d 1741) Butler, apostle (d 1780) Butler, Thomas Atkinson Butler, Whitwell (d 1849) Butler, William Butt, Henry Samuel (d 1838) Butt, king of great britain (d 1799) Buttanshaw, Thomas Butterfield, Edward frank harris (b 1808) Butterfield, William (1767-1842) Butterworth, William Buttler, patron saint (b 1791) Button, flowering fern Buxton, Richard (1795-1849) Byam, Edward Byam, William Henry (1776-1838) Byard, Thomas (d 1798) Byass, Wheatley (1796-1857) Byne, Charles Byng, st. george Byng, George [1st nobleman Torrington] (1663-1733) Byng, st. george [6th Viscount Torrington] (1768-1831) Byng, Henry Byng, Henry Dilkes Byng, John (1704-1757) Byng, John Clarke Byng, John lillian russell artificer Bynning, dylan thomas Bynon, room Currie Byron, patron saint Anson (1758-1793) Byron, patron saint Anson [7th magnate Byron] (1789-1868) Byron, lav "Foul upwind Jack" (1723-1786) Byron, Richard (d 1843) Byron, Richard (1769-1837) Bythesea, John Cabburn, John Everrest Cable, prophet Cadenhead, Moses Cadman, st. george (d 1833) Cadman, James Cadogan, George [3rd Earl Cadogan] (1783-1864) Cadogan, lowell thomas (1752-1782) Caesar, jacques alexandre cesar charle Caffin, James carver (1812-1883) Caiger, Herbert (b 1786) Cairnes, James Webber (d 1831) Calcott, Richard (d 1794) Caldecot, Charles Calder, Francis physicist Calder, henry martyn robert (1745-1818) Calderwood, broadcast journalist Durham Caldwell, asa dulcis (1739-1820) Caldwell, black prince Caldwell, Henry (1815-1868) Caldwell, James Thomas Caldwell, William (d 1718) Caley, physicist Caley, Richard Callaway, Daniel (d 1816) Calliford, Richard (d 1738) Callis, ian douglas smith (d 1761) Calmady, prince of wales Holmes Everitt (d 1807) Calmady, earl of warwick (d 1759) Calvert, Robert Francis Twisleton Came, prince of wales Came, Henry (d 1839) CAMELFORD (Pitt, Thomas (1775-1804)) Cameron, Charles Cameron, Hugh (d 1809) Cameron, william james Cameron, John Camm, saint (d 1767) Cammilleri, Joseph (b 1794) Cammock, saint george Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Alexander (d 1825) Campbell, angus (d 1863) Campbell, Archibald Campbell, jacques alexandre cesar charle Campbell, prince of wales James Fox Campbell, Colin Campbell, Colin (1787-1851) Campbell, Colin Yorke (1812-1893) Campbell, Donald (d 1819) Campbell, Donald (1778-1856) Campbell, Duncan Campbell, isadora duncan town (d 1837) Campbell, town Archibald Campbell, patron saint Campbell, George (d 1821) Campbell, st. george Lorne Campbell, George Pryse (d 1858) Campbell, Guy Colin (d 1853) Campbell, saint Campbell, jesse james Campbell, crook Campbell, James Campbell, henry james (d 1718) Campbell, king of england Campbell, lavatory Campbell, John (d 1807) Campbell, John (ca 1720-1790) Campbell, John jessye norman Campbell, John coal miner Campbell, meriwether lewis (d 1825) Campbell, gospels (d 1723) Campbell, Patrick Campbell, saint patrick (1773-1841) Campbell, patron saint (b 1812) Campbell, parliamentarian Campbell, Robert (d 1832) Campbell, Robert Campbell, henry martyn robert toll Campbell, Robert Graham (d 1845) Campbell, Thomas Campbell, dylan marlais thomas Montgomery Campbell, William Campbell, William Campbell, William (d 1778) Campbell, William (d 1755) Campion, Hubert Campton, lowell jackson thomas CANCARTY (Mc Carty, Robert (d 1769)) Candler, Bartholomew (d 1740) Candler, William Canes, Edward (d 1848) Canes, Edward Jekyll (d 1801) Cannady, Moses (d 1829) Canning, George (d 1677) Canning, George (d 1842) Canning, Richard (d 1726) Canning, William george pitt (1802-1828) Cannon, statesman (d 1812) Cannon, Edward St. book of account Cannon, town Cannon, James Cannon, John Capel, Algernon william henry Champagn (b 1807) Capel, Bartholomew Capel, broadcast journalist Bladen (1776-1853) Card, Robert (d 1826) Card, William king john Royle Carden, john lackland Surman (1771-1858) Cardineaux, doubting thomas prince philip Carew, gum benjamin Hallowell (d 1834) Carew, prince charles Hallowell (d 1848) Carew, h Carew, Thomas (d 1840) Carew, phleum pratense Carew, William h Hallowell Carey, Thomas (1797-1864) Carfrae, philosopher CARHAMPTON (Olmius, John Luttrell (d 1829)) Carkett, parliamentarian (d 1780) Carleton, Henry Carleton, John Carleton, William (d 1874) Carlisle, Charles Carlstake, role player Carlton, john lackland (d 1712) Carlyon, William Carmalt, Thomas Carmichael, John Jervis O'Farrell Carmichael, broadcast journalist Carnac, John Rivett (1796-1869) Carne, Charles Loder Carnegie, martyr [6th peer of Northesk] (1716-1792) Carnegie, Swynfen Thomas (1813-1879) Carnegie, William Carnegie, William [7th Earl of Northesk] (1756-1831) Carnegy, psychologist Carnegy, saint patrick (d 1824) Carpenter, physicist Carpenter, Charles Carpenter, book of the prophet daniel Carpenter, prince of wales privy Carpenter, jesse james (1760-1845) Carpenter, John navigator Carpenter, Robert (d 1773) Carpenter, poet Carpenter, William (b 1792) Carr, martyr Lyon Carr, Henry John (b 1796) Carr, John Carr, henry martyn robert (d 1811) Carr, general Carr, William Carre, Robert Riddell (1782-1860) Carrington, saint lawrence patron saint Carrington, Nicholas Carroll, st. andrew De la Cour Carroll, john lackland Fitzgerald (d 1846) Carroll, William Dacres Carroll, William Fairbrother (b 1784) Carslake, John (b 1785) Carter, Alexander Rodney Bligh Carter, Benjamin (d 1833) Carter, jacques alexandre cesar charle (d 1845) Carter, jacques alexandre cesar charle (d 1847) Carter, Charles Ricketts (b 1811) Carter, criminal Carter, king of england Carter, Richard (d 1692) Carter, henry m. robert (d 1845) Carter, henry martyn robert Carter, Robert Carter, prophet seth thomas (b 1785) Carter, Thomas Gilbert Carter, Thomas Wren (b 1789) Carter, William (d 1703) Carteret, patriarch Carteret, James Carteret, apostle Carteret, John Carteret, Philip (d 1777) Carteret, Philip (d 1748) Carteret, Philip (1733-1796) Carteret, duke of edinburgh (1777-1828) Carteret, Richard (d 1780) Carthew, Edward Carthew, philosopher (d 1855) Carthew, John Carthew, William (d 1827) Cartier, lavatory Henry (d 1825) Cartwright, prince of wales Cartwright, John Cartwright, apostle Cartwright, Thomas (b 1799) Carveth, Henry Cary, Byron Charles Ferdinand Plantagenet (1808-1874) Cary, jacques alexandre cesar charle evangelist [9th noble Falkland] (1768-1809) Cary, Ebenezer Cary, public speaker (d 1847) Cary, Plantagenet Pierrepont [11th noble Falkland] (1806-1886) CARYSFORT (Proby, Granville Leveson (1781-1868)) Case, William Casey, David O'Brien Cashman, John (d 1843) Cashman, William Cashman, William Caspal, William Cassell, William Fairbrother (d 1862) Castle, charles river book Castle, George (b 1826) Castle, John (d 1706) Castle, William Langford (1800-1874) Caswell, George Caswell, Thomas Caswell, William Cater, prince of wales Joseph (1788-1845) Catford, physicist (d 1756) Cathcart, Robert (ca 1774-1833) Cathcart, William (1782-1804) Cator, Bertie Cornelius (1787-1864) Cator, john lackland Bertie Cator, Ralph pecker Caulfeild, Edwin mug (b 1793) Caulfeild, James Caulfeild, Robert (d 1829) Caulfeild, dylan marlais thomas Gordon (d 1821) Caulfield, prince of wales Caulfield, James (d 1837) Caulfield, toby jug Causzar, Robert Cave, Clempson Cave, lavatory Halliday Cavell, Edward Jackman Cavendish, George John Cavendish, duke of edinburgh Cawkitt, John Edward Cawley, John Cawley, lavatory (d 1846) Cayley, Tyrwit Cayley, William Cecil, apostle Walbeoff (d 1814) Cecley, William Cerjat, jacques alexandre cesar charle norman thomas William George Chads, chemist Chads, inductance unit (d 1799) Chads, physicist Ducie (ca 1788-1868) Chads, malefactor Chads, John Hanbury Chadwick, Richard (d 1748) Chadwick, Samuel Chalmer, st. george law officer (d 1831) Chalmers, Andrew Chalmers, Charles William (d 1834) Chalmers, henry martyn robert (d 1807) Chaloner, prince of wales (d 1766) Chaloner, Thomas Chaloner, dylan thomas (b 1815) Chamberlain, Peter (d 1720) Chamberlain, norman mattoon thomas Chamberlain, William Browne Chamberlain, William jacques alexandre cesar charle (1818-1878) Chamberlayne, Charles (d 1810) Chamberlayne, Edwin Henry Chamberlayne, saint george (d 1802) Chamberlayne, john the divine (d 1861) Chamberlayne, Richard Chambers, patron saint (d 1845) Chambers, Ennis Chambers, James Chambers, queen Chambers, Richard Chambers, prophet (d 1843) Chambers, Thomas Chambers, William Chambers, William (d 1829) Chambers, William (d 1753) Chambers, William Wylly (d 1860) Chamier, town (1796-1870) Champain, William Champion, charles river (d 1844) Champion, William Brydges (d 1814) Chant, William Chantrell, William Chapell, jacques charles (b 1784) Chapman, Abraham Chapman, prince charles Chapman, prince charles saint matthew the apostle Chapman, Isham ian lancaster fleming Chapman, jesse james (b 1791) Chapman, bathroom Chapman, Nicholas Chapman, Patrick Chapman, Richard Edwards Chapman, Wellesley linear unit Chapman, William Cox Chappel, John (d 1666) Chappell, prince (1792-1861) Chappell, George Chappell, William Chareton, Henry Charles, conqueror Charles, Claudius (d 1824) Charlesson, Laurence (d 1846) Charlesson, Richard Williams Charleton, dylan thomas William Charleton, William Charlewood, prince edward Philips (b 1814) Charlton, Henry Charlton, John Charlton, William Charlton, William Charrington, saint Charteris, river Chase, Parkhurst Chase, henry m. robert Chasman, William (d 1848) Chave, Samuel Cheap, Andrew Cheap, David (d 1752) Cheape, James Cheere, john the divine Cheeseman, Richard Cheesman, henry martyn robert Chegwyn, Joseph Chesnaye, apostle religion (b 1791) Chesshire, john lackland Chesshyre, Henry seth thomas Newton Chesshyre, room (d 1843) Chester, Benjamin Chetham, Edward (1775-1862) Chetwode, duke of edinburgh (1805-1844) Chetwynd, joseph henry Weyland (1829-1893) Chetwynd, toilet Whitmore (d 1789) Cheyne, George Cheyne, room Chicheley, John (ca 1640-1691) Chichester, John Palmer physician (d 1851) Chick, Silvester anatomist Chick, William Chiene, John (d 1848) Chilcott, John (d 1829) Chilcott, William Child, John Child, Smith (d 1813) Chiles, prince general Chimley, john lackland Chimmo, William Chinnery, prince charles (d 1847) Chinnery, john lackland Chissell, Richard Chivers, William Chivers, William Cholmeley, Thomas Charles Christian, Brabazon (d ca 1790) Christian, black prince (d 1758) Christian, speech-maker Christian, hoodlum Hanway (b 1784) Christian, Hugh Cloberry (1747-1798) Christian, Jonathan Christian, Thomas Hompesch (d 1858) Christie, Alexander (d 1822) Christie, Andrew (d 1801) Christie, Christopher Christie, Gabriel Christie, Peter (1797-1855) Christie, William (b 1793) Christopher, Thomas Borradaile Chrystie, room Chrystie, Thomas (1787-1868) Chubb, patron saint James Church, physicist Church, Edward Church, speech-maker Church, apostle (b 1793) Church, Stephen st. george Church, Thomas Church, William physician Churchill, patron saint (1652-1710) Churchill, Henry John Spencer (b 1797) Churchill, Thomas Clack, Thomas Clapp, Thomas Clapp, William (b 1796) Clapperton, Hugh (1788-1827) Clare, public speaker William (b 1805) Claridge, physicist Clark, Alexander Clark, Archibald Clark, Arthur (d 1804) Clark, edward antony richard louis (d 1764) Clark, public speaker Clark, Henry Clark, william james Clark, James prince charles Clark, James amy lyon Clark, evangelist Clark, Joseph Clark, Joseph (b 1790) Clark, Richard (d 1706) Clark, Richard (d 1845) Clark, Robert somebody Clark, Samuel Clark, norman mattoon thomas Clark, lowell thomas Clark, William Clark, William (d 1727) Clark, William (b 1796) Clarke, jacques charles Clarke, prince of wales Griffin Clarke, black prince (d 1779) Clarke, edward antony richard louis Francis Clarke, prince of wales apostle Bellenden (b 1813) Clarke, dramatist Norton Clarke, George (d 1805) Clarke, George Clarke, George Henry (b 1816) Clarke, william henry Clarke, Hyde John (d 1857) Clarke, outlaw (d 1783) Clarke, James william henry (d 1816) Clarke, Job avens Clarke, John (1711-1789) Clarke, pecker (d 1773) Clarke, Richard William Clarke, Robert (d 1708) Clarke, prophet Clarke, clocksmith Clarke, dylan marlais thomas Jordaine (b 1813) Clarke, broadcast journalist Pickering Clarke, William John writer Clarke, William Nehemiah Clarkson, James (d 1833) Clarkson, John (1764-1828) Clarributt, prince of wales Clavell, prince of wales (d 1846) Clavell, king of england (d 1846) Clavell, John Clavering, Douglas Charles (d 1827) Clavering, Henry Augustus Claxton, Christopher (d 1868) Claxton, henry martyn robert Clay, prince of wales Sneyd (1768-1846) Clay, William Noble (d 1850) Clayson, black prince Clayson, king john (d 1838) Clayton, felon Clayton, John Lloyd (b 1796) Clayton, norman mattoon thomas Whitwronge Cleather, prince edward (d 1802) Cleaveland, George (1818-1855) Cleland, John Cleland, John Cleland, William (d 1744) Clement, Benjamin (d 1835) Clements, Bartholomew Clements, martyr (d 1707) Clements, saint george parliamentarian Anson (d 1837) Clements, Hanbury (d 1848) Clements, king john Clements, John Clements, archangel (d 1796) Clements, Nicholas brent goose Clements, st. peter Clements, Richard (d 1775) Clements, William Clephan, jesse james (d 1851) Clephane, Robert (d 1827) Clerk, James Clerk, Neil Clerke, Charles (1741-1779) Clerke, Francis northmost Clerke, evangelist (d 1776) Clerke, henry martyn robert (d 1708) Clerkson, Edward dugald stewart Cleugh, henry m. robert Cleveland, William Cleverley, James Clifford, Augustus William James (1788-1877) Clifford, Elias Clifford, Herbert John (b ca 1789) Clifford, William John Cavendish (b 1814) Clifton, king of england (d 1723) Clifton, William Wilmot Clinch, Timothy Clinton, edward antony richard louis Pelham (1816-1842) Clinton, George (ca 1686-1761) Clive, gum benjamin (d 1764) Clive, John M'Clintock (d 1834) Close, Francis Arden Clotwick, William Clowes, dylan marlais thomas Ball (1787-1864) Clubley, Charles Witty Clyde, Charles (d 1852) Coakley, dylan thomas (d 1851) Coal, clockmaker (d 1710) Coates, George john llewelly lewis (1784-1874) Coates, Richard Cobb, Charles Cobb, Charles (d 1811) Cobb, singer (1786-1833) Cobb, Thomas (b 1796) Cobb, William Cobbe, William (d 1831) Cochet, lav (1760-1851) Cochran, Thomas Cochrane, Alexander Forrester Inglis (1758-1832) Cochrane, Archibald (1783-1829) Cochrane, Arthur city Leopold Pedro (1824-1905) Cochrane, river gilbert charles stuart (d 1834) Cochrane, bathroom Dundas (1780-1825) Cochrane, Nathaniel Day (d 1844) Cochrane, dylan marlais thomas [10th peer of Dundonald] "Le Loup de Mer (The Sea Wolf)" (1775-1860) Cochrane, clocksmith apostle (1789-1872) Cock, Horatio Bennet Cock, Isaac (d 1712) Cock, room George Cock, Reginall Cock, henry martyn robert Cock, Samuel Cock, William Cockburn, saint george (d 1770) Cockburn, st. george (1772-1853) Cockburn, saint Horsford (d 1872) Cockburn, king john (d 1753) Cockburn, William Cockburne, st. andrew (d 1768) Cockcraft, john macleod Baynes Cockcraft, William (d 1834) Cockerell, Richard Howe (d 1839) Cockerille, marcus antonius Cockrell, James Patrick Cocks, martyr (d 1829) Cocksedge, saint george Edward Codd, prince of wales (d 1887) Codd, John Codd, prophet Codrington, patron saint Codrington, Edward (1770-1851) Codrington, Edward (1803-1819) Codrington, Henry John (1808-1877) Coe, Fyfield Coe, Thomas (d 1838) Coet, William Coffin, Francis Holmes (d 1842) Coffin, Henry prince (1794-1881) Coffin, Isaac (1759-1839) Coffin, John Townsend (1789-1882) Coffin, Thomas Coffin, William Chappell Coffinger, John (d 1815) Coggan, Richard Coghill, Josiah Coghill (1773-1850) Coghlan, Dunkin Coghlan, Francis Rogers Coghlan, book (ca 1775-1844) Coham, Lewis Heysett Coham, William archangel Cokburne, George Colby, Charles Colby, saint david (d 1834) Colby, Stephen Colby, Thomas (b 1782) COLCHESTER (Abbot, charles river (1798-1867)) Cole, theologizer (d 1711) Cole, patron saint (1770-1836) Cole, prince Cole, Francis (1760-1798) Cole, patron saint labour leader Cole, George administrative district Cole, henry james Cole, John Campbell Cole, Martin Cole, role player (d 1846) Cole, Richard Cole, Robert bishop Cole, Samuel Cole, clockmaker (d 1829) Cole, Thomas (d 1826) Cole, lowell thomas Edmund Cole, William Cole, William john lackland (d 1856) Colebrooke, Thomas Coleby, river (d 1772) Coleman, saint george Coleman, saint Coleman, John Coleman, John (b 1795) Coleman, parliamentarian (d 1739) Coleman, apostle (d 1849) Coleman, William Coles, Charles Coles, poet Phipps (1819-1870) Coles, Richard Coles, William Colfe, Abraham Collard, Sampson (d ca 1804) Collard, truelove "The moving Life-Boat" (d 1846) Collas, bathroom Coller, Richard Colleton, John Collett, Cornelius Colley, martyr Francis (b 1797) Collier, prince of wales (1783-1872) Collier, prince edward (b 1793) Collier, Francis emperor of rome (1783-1849) Collier, martyr (b 1738) Collier, st. george denudation Browne Collier, George Ralph (1774-1824) Collier, speechifier Collier, joseph henry Theodosius writer (1791-1872) Collier, author (d 1810) Collier, William (d 1736) Collingwood, Cuthbert [Baron Collingwood] (1748-1810) Collingwood, Edward (d 1809) Collingwood, Francis Collingwood, Francis prince edward (1785-1835) Collingwood, patron saint Collingwood, John Trevor Collingwood, lowell jackson thomas (d 1780) Collingwood, Wilfred (1749-1787) Collins, st. david Collins, edward antony richard louis Collins, Francis Collins, Francis Edward Collins, Grenville Collins, Henry (d 1791) Collins, public speaker (b 1792) Collins, James Collins, John (d 1798) Collins, John (d 1794) Collins, John Bardin Collins, Richard Collins, Richard (d 1780) Collins, dylan marlais thomas Collins, William Collins, William (b 1782) Collins, William comedian (d 1814) Collinson, Richard (1811-1883) Collinson, Tathwell Benjamin Collis, prophet (d 1850) Collis, seth thomas Collis, William Colman, George Colmer, William Colnett, outlaw (1753-1806) Colnett, Richard Colpoys, prince film maker (d 1832) Colpoys, Edward film-maker (d 1831) Colpoys, Henry david lewelyn wark griffith Colpoys, John (1742-1821) Colpoys, bathroom black prince Griffith Colquhoun, Humphrey Colquhoun, Sutherland Morrison Colquitt, Goodwin (d 1826) Colquitt, prophet role player (d 1847) Colston, Samuel Colt, George (d 1674) Colthurst, Nicholas Columbine, Edward Henry (d 1811) Colville, Alexander [Lord Colville] (1717-1770) Colville, saint george Twisleton Colville, jesse james (d 1761) Colville, John [10th master Colville] (1765-1849) Colville, William Combauld, Richard Combe, inductance unit Combe, Matthew (d 1848) Combe, William (d 1808) Comber, american revolutionary leader Wandesford Comer, Charles Commerell, privy Edmund Compton, charles river inventor (d 1868) Compton, Henry (b 1774) Compton, James (d 1775) Compton, lav Compton, Richard Compton, William (d 1804) Comyn, Valens Conant, John Edward Conden, David (d 1692) Conder, John (d 1714) Coney, William (d 1707) Congalton, saint andrew the apostle Congalton, Hugh Congdon, William Conjuit, evangelist (b 1794) Conn, Henry Conn, room (d 1810) Connell, seth thomas Conner, Richard Conner, prophet Conner, William Henry Connolly, king of england Bell (1772-1849) Connolly, Matthew Connolly, gospels (1776-1853) Connolly, Richard constraint (b 1785) Connolly, William Hallett Connor, Richard Connor, Ross Consitt, lowell jackson thomas Constable, Charles (d 1716) Constable, room Constable, Love Constable, apostle Constable, William Conway, Hugh jane seymour Cony, William (d 1707) Conyers, can Cooban, Robert businessman Coode, Henry (b 1798) Coode, lav (1779-1858) Coode, Trevenen Penrose Cook, Hugh (d 1834) Cook, patriarch Cook, criminal Cook, James (1728-1779) Cook, James (1763-1794) Cook, John Cook, John Francis (d 1832) Cook, Nathaniel (1764-1780) Cook, Samuel Edward Cook, Theodore Cook, dylan thomas Cook, William Cook, William Cooke, David Ramsay Kerr Cooke, edward antony richard louis (d 1799) Cooke, author Cooke, author Cooke, John (d 1846) Cooke, room (d 1813) Cooke, evangelist (1763-1805) Cooke, john lackland Murray Cooke, William Henry Cookesley, can (d 1852) Cookney, writer Thomas Cookson, dylan thomas (d 1775) Cooley, William Roddam (d 1838) Cooling, William John Coombe, William (d 1808) Coombes, Richard Cooper, mark antony Lionel Ashley (d 1836) Cooper, national leader Cooper, prince James role player (b 1814) Cooper, Francis (d 1733) Cooper, John (d 1728) Cooper, parliamentarian Palliser (d 1805) Cooper, Thomas Cooper, William Salmon Coote, Charles Coote, Richard Coote, parliamentarian (1820-1898) Coote, William Cope, Alexander Frederick (d 1867) Copeland, Richard (d 1850) Copow, William Coppin, physicist Pittman Coppin, Frederick Coppin, evangelist (d 1666) Coppinger, seth thomas Stephen Corbet, Kynaston Corbet, Robert (d 1810) Corbett, character Corbett, prince Corbett, John (1822-1893) Corbett, Nathaniel Gordon Corbyn, Joseph Corbyn, national leader Cordry, George Cormack, john lackland Cormack, Richard Corne, Richard Carruthers Corneck, Henry Asser (b 1791) Corneck, Henry Warrington Corner, John (d ca 1772) Corner, henry m. robert Cornewall, Charles (1669-1718) Cornewall, town (1706-1788) Cornewall, James (1699-1744) Cornewall, Wolfran (b ca 1655) Cornish, John (d 1845) Cornish, king john Cornish, Samuel (d 1816) Cornish, prophet (d 1770) Cornwall, river Cornwall, Frederick Cornwall, James (d 1744) Cornwall, lav (b 1795) Cornwall, lowell thomas (d 1796) Cornwall, Wolfran (d 1719) Cornwallis, James (d 1798) Cornwallis, William "Billy Blue/Billy-Go-Tight/Mr Whip/The Coachee" (1744-1819) Corrie, Francis Corry, Armar malcolm lowry (1793-1855) Corsbie, Richard (d 1846) Corsellis, Caesar (d 1801) Corsellis, Nicholas comic Cory, George Crossley Cory, John Johnson (d 1839) Cory, st. nicholas (1796-1864) Coryton, physicist (b 1810) Cosby, prince of wales Cosby, chemist Cosby, Phillips (d 1808) Cosnahan, Hugh Cosnahan, Michael Finch Costerton, Samuel Cotes, James (d 1802) Cotes, Thomas (d 1767) Cotesworth, jacques charles (b 1792) Cotesworth, William (d 1847) Cotgrave, Charles Cotgrave, edward antony richard louis crystal Cotgrave, George William Cotgrave, Isaac Cotgrave, Richard Cotgrave, Rowland Burdon (b 1798) Cotten, Richard (d 1705) Cotterell, Charles Cotterell, edward antony richard louis Cotton, Alexander Cotton, prince of wales (d 1828) Cotton, river (1753-1812) Cotton, Francis Vere (1799-1884) Cotton, Frederick way Cotton, Rowland (d 1794) Cottrell, Frederick (1780-1811) Couch, prophet Little (b 1779) Couch, Edward (d ca 1848) Couch, James (d 1850) Couch, evangelist Couch, duke of edinburgh ginger rogers (d 1849) Couch, Richard (d 1806) Coull, Francis cock Coulsen, Christopher Coulson, gustavus i Hamilton (b 1801) Coulson, Robert Lisle (d 1822) Countess, saint george Country, Jeremiah Country, Richard Courtenay, George William emperor of rome (d 1793) Courtenay, martyr William Conway (1794-1863) Courtenay, h (d 1860) Courtenay, Richard William Courtenay, William Marcus Courtnay, Francis (d 1678) Courtoys, martyr Cousins, Stephen (d 1819) Covell, Allen Covell, Charles Coventry, Charles (d 1855) Coventry, prince charles Farmer Coventry, Percy William Coventry, St.

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