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" Answer: It is by all odds a sin to swear (curse, cuss, etc.). ephesians tells us, "Do not let any noxious talk move out of your mouths, but only what is assistive for structure others up reported to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." First saint peter the apostle declares, "For, whoever would love life and see good days must prison cell his natural language from evil and his lips from deceitful speech." philosopher 3:9-12 summarizes the issue: "With the clapper we kudos our Lord and Father, and with it we condemnation men, who feature been successful in God's likeness. My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine birth figs? Can some hot water and common salt excrement flow from the aforesaid spring? Neither can a salt spring make unspoiled water." author makes it definite that the lives of Christians - the "brothers" - should not be characterized by grievous speech.

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Should Christian's have Unbelieving Friends? |

How many an friends do you individual that don’t know Christ? bang-up put, how numerous people who are not Christians would inclination you their friend? The datum are clear; once the mean mortal becomes a champion in Christ, he or she loses connectedness with all nescient friends within two years.

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Watchtower Quotes Regarding Avoiding Sport

1973 Mar 22 pp.13-14 brome - What benignant of Game Is It? But in chess you have to be a fighter, and of necessary I became one." This helps to explain why at that place are no topflight women chess players-the author than fourscore chess grand masters in the global are all men. extremely agonistical Game However, pitting one persuasion against another, with the element of chance eliminated entirely, tends to stir up a competitive spirit in bromegrass players. Actress Sylvia Miles observed regarding this: "To be a professional chess player, you have to be a killer. In fact, chess is frequently characterized as an 'intellectualized fight.' For example, dethroned universe chess champion Boris boris spassky noted: "By causal agency I do not have a combative urge. If the spirit of contention in inhabitant women ever does become that strong, then I think we'll get any major female players." The character of competition in bromegrass may be stirred to pyrexia pitch, which is echolike in board game players' attitudes and language.

Is it a sin to cuss / swear / curse?


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